Monday, May 30, 2011

Busy Weeks

We have been incredibly busy the last couple weeks. The girls are doing wonderfully and have adjusted better than I expected in such a short period of time. They had their first doctor's appointment, PT evaluation and OT evaluation this week. They passed all with flying colors. They are right on target for everything and not delayed at all. I was a bit surprised by this as most children from orphanages do have some delays. I am sure we will have to do speech, but one out of three is pretty good. Unfortunately, they did have two have 3 shots and six tubes of blood a piece taken. Plus, we have to go back this week and have more blood taken - poor babies.
Other exciting things we did in the last several weeks were - trip to the beach, boat ride, trip to College Station for Ashley's Med School graduation and lots of swimming. They have enjoyed every minute of it and have been so well behaved.
We were also thrown a baby/toddler shower. I can't thank my hostesses enough as the shower turned out beautifully. There were so many special touches that they did to make it exciting and fun for me and the girls. We got a ton of stuff and I am still trying to find places for all of it. My sisters made most of the food and decorations so that they could do them extra special. They are incredibly talented and no one would have believe that it wasn't done by professionals. I was totally impressed. I will try to post pictures soon, but I don't have them yet. It was lots of fun!!
I will write more soon.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Sorry - the other post froze on me and I couldn't do the pictures. Here they are.



Referral Pics

I finally got a chance to post all the pre-adoption photos that I received before meeting the girls. I can't believe how much they changed in that year.
First Referral Photos

First Russian Database Photos
Updated Referral Photos
2nd Russian Database Photos
Poem that I intended to post the day I brought them home (can't imagine why I forgot to do that). :-)
One last road to travel
One last way to go
One more day to forever
Just to let you know
The wait is finally over.
The journey now is through.
And now this comes to let you know...
Dreams really do come true
Things have been going very well. We have settled into a routine and the girls have adjusted very well. We have had lots of visitors which the kids seem to be totally unbothered by. We have made a few outings and they have done well with those also. Today we went by my dad's veterinary clinic because I needed to fax information to the insurance company. There were lots of people to meet there so this was our largest outing we have made yet. The twins were very well behaved so we decided to chance it and try lunch out as well. We met Mom, Dad and Ashley at Dairy Queen. It was a great time - kids were good and I was glad to finally be out of the house. Addie was a little difficult at naptime but I think that is because I let her eat ice cream after lunch. It was worth it though, because the kids needed a treat for being so good during their day outing. I am trying to ease us into a normal life because I need to be able to run errands and do things but I don't want to overwhelm them at first. So far so good!
We have a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow Kyle will be getting home and Kacie & Kynslie will be coming for a visit. We are expecting several new visitors also. My Aunt Jane will be coming from Houston to meet the kids for the first time and Brooke and her family will be coming by. On Sunday we plan to go to my Aunt Fran's for Mother's Day where they will get to meet several of their 2nd and 3rd cousins who we haven't seen yet. We are very excited!
Well, the girls are currently making "boats" in some plastic toy containers that they have. I think that they need a "motor" for the boats so I probably need to go help. Here are a couple pictures from the week.