Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recent Events in Russia

I have received several emails and phone calls from friends/family about the recent events happening in Russia so I would like to update everyone as to my status. Last week an American woman sent her adopted Russian son back to Russia alone with a note stating that he had problems and she no longer wanted to parent him. As would be expected, this woman's actions have greatly upset Russia and the US adoption community. There have been several reports that Americans will no longer be allowed to adopt from Russia or that adoptions are on "hold". As of this moment, these reports are not true. Next week there will be a meeting between the US and Russia representatives to try to address concerns and come up with an agreement as to how adoptions should be handled. I sincerely hope that an agreement can be reached and adoptions can proceed. Please keep me, the girls (plus all other Russian orphans), and all the other families currently adopting from Russia in your prayers. Until the meeting occurs, no one is really sure what the future holds for Russian adoptions. I pray that I will have good news to share with you all in the coming weeks.

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