Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello Again Russia

Mom and I finally made it to Russia. We left around 4 pm on Tuesday and finally arrived at 1:30pm on Wednesday. The flight was wonderful. Mom and I each had three seats to ourselves so we just ate, slept and watched movies. Someone please explain to me why we don't have an American airline like Singapore Airlines - so wonderful!!! We did have some problems with customs both in the USA and in Russia (anyone coming here for an adoption, email me and I can give you some pointers). We were picked up from the airport by the drivers and immediately headed to the medical center so I could get poked and prodded on. I had blood drawn and a chest x-ray taken. I was a little unprepared for the chest x-ray as I didn't realize that they do them bare chested in Russia. Very awkward with the male x-ray tech. It was almost 7pm before we arrived at the apartment. We are staying with another adoptive family - Kathy, her daughter Amanda (also adopted from here), and Kathy's sister Lynnette. We met up with them at the apartment and then headed off to Hard Rock Cafe.

All in all a pretty good day! Tomorrow it is off to get my 8 doctor medical exam.

- Lindsey


  1. Glad you made it there safely. Say "hi" to Kathy for me, we carried paperwork for each other. Hope you ladies have an awesome and blessed and amazingly smooth time in Moscow and Kemerovo. Looking forward to many more updates!

  2. Have a great time Lindsey!!
    I am so looking forward to your upcoming posts and pics! :)


  3. Hey! I was hoping you'd let us know when y'all made it...the girls have been asking too, so I'll let them know. How are you feeling?