Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Moscow

Mom and I arrived in Moscow about two hours ago. We flew Singapore airlines and were very impressed. The seats were big and the food was really good. Mom (who never sleeps on planes) slept well. I, on the other hand (who sleeps no matter where I am) could not seem to get to sleep. Must have been the nerves! We were met at the airport by the Moscow coordinator who helped us get through the check-in process for the second flight and showed us some good places to eat. The airport is clean and not particularly different than a US airline (except everything is in Russian). There are a bunch of restaurants, stores and coffee places. We are going to be here until around 11:30pm tonight so we are getting settled in for an 8 hour wait until the next flight. Well, haven't really seen Russia yet so I don't have much to report but just wanted everyone to know that we arrived here safe and sound.


  1. Yay Lindsey! Definitely hoping you have a safe trip and things go well with your first meeting! :) I got my blog update fixed as well since my posts were not showing - link must be deleted and readded and new posts will magically appear. Safe travels!!!

  2. Yea!! Thanks for the update ... praying here!