Friday, November 26, 2010

Orphanage Visit Day 2

We had a wonderful visit with the girls this morning. The caregivers brought them to us in Dr. Ludmilla's office and they both stomped right in with big smiles. They hopped right up in our laps and were ready to get the toys out. We took them to the playroom and played. These two can play hard. They are always moving - and I mean ALWAYS. They are seriously good eaters too! We still haven't figured out if they will ever fill up with food. Once again, Mom got out the food and they bombarded her with little hands. I brought them photobooks with family pictures labeled in Russian. The girls loved the books. A caregiver walked in and one of the girls showed her the book and said "Mama gave it to me". She literally never put the picture book down for the entire visit. After the visit, I signed all the official papers to get the adoption moving. These are the papers where I am allowed to rename the girls. Everyone has been asking so I know that you are all anxious to know their names. Here is what I decided on.

Addelyn Dariya (pronounced Da-ri-ya) & Mariya Rose

I wanted to retain a bit of their Russian heritage while still incorporating some American into their names as well. Addelyn is the name that I have always said I would name my first daughter and Rose is my grandmother's middle name so both names have special meaning to me. I will most likely call them Addie and Mariya.

I am going to try to post a few photos of Russia below this.

Music Room Wall at Orphanage

Russian Apartment Building

Russian House


  1. What a wonderful way to wake up the day after Thanksgiving! Just got done reading your entire blog of the trip out loud to Aunt Anna. Thanks so much for posting and for the detailed description of everything. We felt like we were right there with ya. The girls sound wonderful though quite a handful! Can't wait to see the pictures. The names are great though I was hoping one might end up with the name Rikki Jo :). Can't wait to meet the newest members of the family. Keep those blogs coming. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Becky, Addie and Mariya.

  2. I love those names and am so happy for you!!! How old are the girls now?

    Happy Thanksgiving and again just so happy for you!


  3. Thanks everyone! I can't wait until everyone can meet them or at least see photos of them. Jenny, the girls are 2 years old. Sorry Uncle Rick, but I just didn't think either girl looked like a Rikki Jo. :-)

  4. Lovely names, Lindsey! You will have a Masha (Mariya) of your own and I know an "Adelyn" (spelled differently but a unique name). :) Great blogs - I laughed imagining them mob your mom for yogurt bites. It is wonderful to know that things went smoothly for you and that the papers are in to move forward with the adoptions. Congrats! What region are you in? I know you mentioned a few hours from Moscow... so is my region #2.