Monday, November 29, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes

I am sitting in the Moscow airport thinking about everything that has happened this week. When Mom and I arrived here (exactly one week ago) we were so hesitant to explore anything. We went to a restaurant and I accidently ordered dessert for my meal - apple pie instead of meat pie. I remember being so nervous about changing money and checking into the next flight. So today we arrive, check in, go eat at a restaurant, do a little shopping, etc just like it is totally no big deal to navigate a Russian airport. We order appropriate food and even go back for tea & coffee. We have gotten very good at making hand motions or single words to communicate with the people here. It is strange how quickly a place a world away from yours can become home. I guess maybe we aren't all as different as we think we are. The Russian language is still hard for me (and especially for Mom) but I will hopefully be a little better when we return.

Yesterday we flew into Moscow and had the day to explore here. We took a tour down to Red Square and several of the other big places to see. Talk about amazing! Moscow has the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. Their architecture is like nothing I have ever seen. Red Square is a "not to be missed" place to visit. There is so much history there and we had the best time walking through the square. An ice skating rink had just been put up so there were many people there skating as well. On the next visit, I am looking forward to touring the Kremlin. We didn't have time to actually go in there but did get to see it from the outside. We stayed at the Milan Hotel and would highly recommend it to all my adoption friends for anyone passing through on their way to different Russian regions. It is close enough to the DME airport to avoid all the horrible Moscow traffic but had English speaking staff and accommodations very similar to what we are used to in the USA. It is still quite a ways from the center of town, though, so we probably won't stay there on the second trip as we will be in Moscow for longer than one night.

I definitely missed the girls yesterday. I am sure they are wondering why "mama" and "babushka" (they have clearly figured out already who their mom and grandma are - I think the orphange staff tells them a lot) haven't come to visit them anymore but hopefully none of it will matter once I get them home. I do know that they are being taken very good care of so that makes it a little easier to leave them. I have lots of childproofing and preparing to do before my active little girls come home (maybe some sleeping too - LOL).

Well, I guess I will talk to everyone later today. We should arrive back home by the middle of the afternoon. I am looking very forward to loving on my pets, taking a nice warm bath and seeing everyone!


  1. YEA!!! We just rolled back into town, and I loved catching up and reading your posts! I'm so excited for you, Lindsey!! The girls sound precious! I can't wait to see pics! ;)

  2. Congratulations. Your babies are going to be home for good so soon!
    I can imagine a trip to Russia can be intimidating. I have not had the courage to go back there, and Im FROM there. :)