Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last Visit to the Orphanage

Mom and I have finally gotten brave enough to start exploring the city more. We went to dinner last night at a restaurant a few doors down. We were terribly sick of the hotel food and were so glad we decided to go out a bit. We have been afraid to run around after dark (which occurs very early here) but realized last night that there was really nothing to be afraid of. Today we explored the town a little, walked to the town square and headed a few blocks the opposite direction to eat at a cafe. The town square has a huge Christmas tree that we wanted to get a few pictures of. Their was a little farmer's market in the square and lots of kids playing in the snow. We had fun wandering about.

Today was the last time we will get to see the girls before heading home. We had a fantastic visit. Mariya is very interested in learning language. Mom was very surprised when she copied Mom and learned two new words - "worker" and "Paw Paw". I think she is going to learn English quickly. Addie isn't nearly as interested in learning to talk but she is much more serious then Mariya. The girls LOVED looking out the window and I think they were wishing they could play in the snow!

Well, tomorrow we head to Moscow. We will spend one night there and then head home. I have no idea if I will have an internet connection so I will write again as soon as I can.

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