Saturday, April 23, 2011

How We Are

The last two days consisted of getting the girls American visas and getting our paperwork to the russian embassy. We were with 6 other families and their new children at the American embassy. My girls were definitely the biggest and wildest of all the kids (including another set of female twins). I think the other kids were probably afraid of my girls - good thing their cousin Kynslie is a tough cookie too. LOL

Today was a free day so we headed over to Red Square and took the traditional adoption photos in front of St Basil's. It was so cool to do and to realize that I am finally one of those people who has completed their adoption. I think sometimes it still doesn't feel real. As a special treat after lunch, the twins and Tessa got to experience their first tastes of ice cream. The twins clearly loved it - Tessa seemed like she wanted to love it but wasn't so sure about the coldness of it. We had a great time!

The girls are really starting to settle into life with me and my parents here in Moscow. They seem so happy and are learning new things everyday. They can repeat bunches of English words but have only a couple they use in context without prompting. I think the first word they really learned how to use was "yuck". I guess we used that a lot when we didn't want them to pick stuff up off the ground.

Here are a few "twin facts" that we have discovered over the last week.

1) They are very possessive over "special toys" and work out between themselves which toys belong to who. Sometimes it is hard for us to figure out their system. I decided that I need to buy toys in duplicate if they become favorites to avoid fighting.

2) The girls speak in a language only the two of them understand - I call it a twin language. We thought we were the only ones who couldn't understand them but apparently most of what they say isn't understood by Russians either. They definitely understand each other, though.

3) They are terrified of "wolves". To clarify, this means anything with fur walking on four legs. I am afraid that things are going to be a little crazy when they discover they live with dogs and cats. Hopefully they will get over it quickly. Apparently in Russia they sing bedtime songs about wolves getting your feet if you get out of bed. I would be scared too! They enjoy chasing each other and us around the room with stuffed animals making scary sounds and yelling "Volk" which is Russian for wolf.

4) They get nosebleeds. I have already handled three since I met them. Twice for falls and once just randomly. So...I may not be great at handling vomit yet but I am getting pretty good at nosebleeds.

5) They are disassembling our wooden apartment floor so we suspect they are going to enjoy puzzles!

6) They initially liked any food you put in front of them but now they have become opinionated about food choice. They are still good eaters though.

7) When in the mood, they can give some pretty good kisses (especially Mariya). They didn't seem to know how to kiss when we picked them up but I worked with them on it and they have the idea down now. So cute!

Well, Happy Easter everyone. Just a few more days and we will be home! Still wish we could be with family for the holiday but glad to have my girls for this special day. Sorry to my siblings for stealing Mom and Dad away for the holidays but I hope you all still have a great Easter.

- Lindsey

Location:ул. Нов. Арбат,Moscow,Russia


  1. Just had to chuckle at some of the twin behaviors you are noticing. I used to nanny for twin boys and reading your post brought back memories=). Glad to hear everyone is doing well!! Have a happy and memorable Easter in Russia--how special!!!

  2. Happy Easter! Definitely twins have their own language as you already knew from family. :) I loved the comment that they were the biggest and wildest of the bunch. LoL. Happy to hear they are adjusting well! Have a safe trip home

  3. I heard of a family that asked a caretaker to sing a bedtime song for them to record. Something to comfort their child when he was trying to sleep in a unfamiliar place with strange new people, makes sense. When they got home they had a Russian friend translate it for them and they said it was "stay in the middle of your toddler bed so the wolves don't eat you"...comforting.
    Almost home!

  4. So glad things are going well for you. Hope you all are getting some sleep!

    BTW - my mom came with me when I picked up my son and I really don't know what I would have done without her. She too made sure I ate and drank, otherwise I probably wouldn't have!

  5. Praying for you and yours dear Lindsey. I had to giggle at the picture with the Sbarro clown - I almost took one too! Easter blessings, Lynnette

  6. Happy Easter!!! Sounds like the girls are adjusting well.
    Enjoy your last few days in Russia! :)