Friday, April 15, 2011

Waiting Day 11 - Paperwork

Today was our "extra" waiting day which involved paperwork and shopping. We left early this morning to get the kids birth certificates and apply for their visas. Things went smoothly and most of the time we just sat in chairs and chit chatted while Anna did all the work. I had to sign my name a couple times but that was it.

After that we headed to the drug store to get some items for the orphanage. Several people from my church and Kathy's donated money for the orphanage. When Anna told the orphanage doctor, she requested a number of different medications that she would like us to buy for the orphanage kids. We had quite a bit of money so we were able to purchase lots of medications. Actually, we bought out one store and had to head to a second one for more creams. We ended up having to order the final medication because none of the pharmacies had enough. So, anyone who is reading this and donated, please know that your donation was well spent and very appreciated by the orphanage.

In the afternoon we did some shopping, watched a movie, and ate sushi at a restaurant here. We are very tired and are about to head to bed. Tomorrow is the big day!

Anya informed us today that everything is official now even though we haven't picked the girls up (apparently the kids do better if you pick up in the morning so that is why they asked us to wait). So, I figure that if they are mine now then I can post at least one photo of them for everyone. Here is one of my favorites from our pre-court visit with them.

Hope everyone enjoys! Will post bunches more tomorrow.


Location:Kemerovo, Russia


  1. Aw!!!! Too precious - look at the three of you. :) So happy that you made it through - now get those girlies and get them home! :)

  2. Dear Lindsey, I am a friend of your Aunt Jane's...been following your journey. This picture brought tears to my eyes...such a blessing. So happy for your precious little family!!! Hope we get to meet all of you one day. You will continue to be in my prayers!!!
    -Kim Gates

  3. Lindsey, I am SO excited to see the girls!!! I can't the rush of emotions running through right now. We want more pictures of them - post as soon as possible! Congrats :) We love y'all!

    P.S. The girls have been dying to Skype with you. What's the best time to try that?

  4. Oh my sweetness, how precious are the three of you! Enjoy every moment busting them out of the orphanage, it's such a special time.

    I can just picture you, Kathy, and Anna visiting various pharmacies looking for numerous concoctions...too funny.

  5. What a great picture and a beautiful family! I am so happy for you. They are so cute and I can't wait to meet them. You are going to be a great mom. Can't wait to talk to you when you get back. Love, Lexis

  6. Congrats to your little family! The girls look so happy and have such a sparkle in their eyes... sort of matches their Mama's!!! All the best as you start your journey together. CONGRATS!!!

  7. Typing this will my eyes full of tears!!!! What a precious site!!!!! The girls are adorable and you look like a super proud mama!!!! Can not wait to see them in person!!! P.S. this is Esther on Amys computer!!! lol