Friday, April 1, 2011

Waiting In Airports

We are sitting in Domodedovo Airport waiting for our flight to Siberia. I am pretty sure that I am going to be totally sick of airports by the end of this trip. We arrived here 10 hours early as check-out time was 1pm but our flight leaves at 11pm - yuck!! The airport is packed and Mom and I grabbed two seats when someone got up several hours ago. We don't want to give them up, though, so now we are stuck! I am getting a little cabin fever.

This will be one of our longer days on this trip due to the time change, Russian flight times, and our court orphanage visit. We got up this morning and all ran down to the Kremlin for a tour of the armory museum. It was very interesting and had some amazing, extremely ornate royal jewels. I think my favorites were the carriages and clothing wore by Russian royalty. Amanda and I had great fun telling April Fool's jokes to each other on the way there and back. We all decided to grab a meat pie for lunch from a vendor under the street cross-over. It was really good! From there, we rushed home and grabbed our stuff so we could check out and head to the airport. We take off at 11pm, lose 3 hours due to time change, and arrive in Siberia at 7am. We will be picked up, hopefully will drop bags at the hotel, and then will begin the three hour journey to the orphanage. When do we sleep, you ask?? Hmmm...thinking that happens in the plane, the car, or even the airport but definitely not a bed until tomorrow night.

I am very excited about seeing the twins tomorrow. I can not wait to see if they have grown and if they remember us at all. We should be in the same room with Kathy, her family, and her soon to be daughter as well. I bet the four girls are going to have a blast playing together. Hopefully the twins squeeze in a little time for me. :-) Kathy's older daughter is also adopted from this same orphanage so we are all very anxious to see how the caretakers respond to her. I think they are going to be thrilled to see how much she has flourished in her wonderful family.

Well, I am going to attempt to go find a coke. Mom is pretty engrossed in a movie so hopefully she doesn't forget to watch my seat or stuff while I am gone. I will write more tomorrow night.

- Lindsey

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