Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pick-up Day Finally

Today we picked up my beautiful Russian daughters. The day started out with a bang when I couldn't sleep and got up in the early morning hours only to find that my iPad had crashed. Thank goodness that I was able to use mom's to find an online fix for the problem but that was only several hours of worrying and not being able to get back to sleep.

We headed to the orphanage at 8:00 am. The ride there went fine and we were all very excited to finally get our kiddos. Things happen pretty quickly when you get to the orphanage. We had a little time to get some of our questions answered by the doctors and to give her all the donations. Those of you who know me well will appreciate this. I asked about the girls interactions with other children - are they bossy, quiet, etc. The doctor replied, "In most twin sets there is a bossy child and a submissive child. This is not the case for your children as both are very bossy". I was "occasionally" a stubborn, bossy child so Mom said that this is well deserved. LOL.

We waited a few minutes for the kids to finish their lunches and then they were brought to us. The interpreter told us to change them into their new clothes right away. They were angels during the whole process and were practically pulling us out the door when it was time to go. There were no tears or even looks back as we headed out the door. Here is a picture as we were about to drive away. I think Mariya's face is priceless.

Kathy also had an easy time with her precious daughter, Tessa. So it was wonderful leaving with three happy babies!

Maybe I just didn't pay attention, but I don't recall other families mentioning problems with car sickness. However, all the people helping us in Russia kept talking about how all the kids get sick. Poor Mariya got to experience this. Let me tell you that I have never been so appreciative of my mom. Mariya threw up all over herself, Mom, and the floor. Mom jumped right in and cleaned everything up while I attempted to be a good mother and not vomit on my child. The rest of the three hour car ride went well. The kids slept in shifts but neither got much sleep. I think it was all too exciting.

We had a good but busy evening. Mom went out and got us take out food which we ate on the floor of the hotel room. We played a bunch and spent a a lot of time on the big girl potty. I think that the novelty of a "big" potty was very exciting. The kids use little pots at the baby home.

The girls got baths, brushed their teeth, and bedtime went reasonably well. Unfortunately, it didn't last long as both kids were up again fifteen minutes later. It took a while to get them down the second time and then I was stuck in bed since they were laying on me. Not such a problem for me as I was wiped out.

Will write more when time permits - it is a little harder to come by these days. :-)


Location:Kemerovo, Russia


  1. I'm so happy for you Lindsey!!! The girls are beautiful! Which one is which in the picture of them first in the car? I love both their little expressions! These girls are going to have such a wonderful mother and family to be brought into. I hope they realize one day just how fortunate they are! And I am literally crying sitting here reading this. And sorry to say I was laughing at the vomit thing, you better get use to that girl! I'm sure there will be plenty more where that came from! Love you and I'm so proud of you!

  2. Congratulations! What beautiful girls you have and it's good to see them so happy. Hope you got some sleep last night, although I'm sure you didn't LOL!

    I too had to laugh at the vomit incident. You will get over it, don't worry!

    I can't wait to follow your journey.

    Tammy from the Single Russian Mom's group

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  4. You all look "perfect" together...obviously meant to be! I agree with all Erica posted..funny how quickly you must learn to deal with the good and the bad-ha! Praying the girls and you all have settled tummies all the way home. Can you even believe you will be HOME with YOUR GIRLS in a matter of days?! You are an angel, Lindsey. I love the huge smiles on all your faces...all beautiful. Can't wait to meet your new additions.
    XO Beryl

  5. P.S. I may print your picture-hope that's ok. I want to bring it to our Bible Study this evening. We've been praying for you all and I know they will love seeing the results of prayer. God is good!

  6. We left the orphanage with another family, but they hired a different driver so we weren't together. Oliver did fine, but the other family had to pull over because their kid kept on throwing up. I was sad at first that we didn't get to ride together, but I would not have done well with all that vomit!!
    I think the orphanage calls it "bossy" but I kind of see it as the kids trying to get what they need/want. I felt like Oliver had a bossy personality, at first, but realized he didn't know any other way to behave. It seems better now.

  7. Congratulations Lindsey!! Your girls are just so cute!
    I'm very happy for you