Thursday, April 7, 2011

Waiting Day 2 - Getting Acquainted With St Petersburg

Today was our first full day in St Petersburg. The weather was warmer here (around 46 degrees) but it was very rainy and dreary. We had a great day though. We had tea and coffee at Subway and then headed down to the river.

It was really pretty and the ice was all starting to break up. We walked along the river some and then went to take a look at the outside of the Hermitage and Winter Palace. It is all kind of connected and it very amazing how large the castle is. Here are some pictures.

We explored that area for a while and got many neat shots. We even took photos with Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

Then we headed down the main street in St Petersburg. We got a feel for the layout and visited several churches, monuments, and palaces. We did stop to eat at a little cafe. We have figured out that food prices here are ridiculous. I don't think we can afford to eat more than once a day so we may be skinner when we get home. Well, we are tired and want to head to bed. I will attach a few more pictures and then I will have to talk to everyone tomorrow. BTW - can someone tell me how to post a comment. I have so enjoyed reading everyones comments but I can't figure out how to post any back.


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  1. Hi Lindsey, I sent you some e-mails you may want to check out, esp. the one to Kate, who is in St. Petersburg. Can you not post a comment like everyone else? When I used blogger, I opened my comments to anonymous commenters, so people didn't have to get an ID - I think that made it easier and I didn't get any bad or unknown commenters, people always signed their comments. Maybe you could try that and see if you can comment then?