Friday, April 15, 2011

Waiting Day 10 - The Final Day

We finally boarded our plane around 2:30 am this morning and took off for Kemerovo. We arrived around 10:30 this morning. We checked into the hotel, unpacked a few things and headed straight to bed. After some much needed sleep, we all got up and tackled the internet. When we were here 10 days ago we realized the hotel had an internet connection it was all in Russian so we couldn't figure out how to connect. Thanks to our friend Trish's directions we are all successfully connected now.

We were a bit disappointed to find out that we will be picking the kids up on Saturday rather than tomorrow. Apparently tomorrow is reserved for paperwork. Oh well, nothing we can do about that.

We are headed out to dinner and then will probably all crash again. Will write more tomorrow.

- Lindsey

Location:Kemerovo, Russia

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