Saturday, April 30, 2011

Updates from America

Hello from Texas! We are home and doing well.

The travel day and flight home went as well as could be expected. A little sleeping, some tears, lots of playing, but nothing too crazy. The twins have been adjusting so well to being home. They love their house and their new family. We have been keeping their world very small and I think it has made their transition easier. They have still not adjusted totally to the time change - the first morning they got up at 2:45am but it has progressively gotten later each day. We hit 6:30am this morning! I keep having to wake them up from their naps because I think they believe naps are really bedtime (it would have been on Russia time). At least they are taking naps though as it is the only time I can get anything done. They are good eaters and are learning about what it is like to be part of a family. Their English is coming along very quickly and they already have quite a handful of words that they speak.

The biggest part of their day? I would say that they spend about 75% of the day chasing the cats and then screaming when they get near them. My cats are going to need treatment for post-stress disorder and I may need to invest in headache medications. I kept thinking the novelty would wear off eventually but no such luck yet. They have been enjoying spending time with their cousin Kynslie and think their aunts are wonderful. They finally got to meet their Great-Grandmother and Aunt Fran so that was pretty exciting.

I don't have much more to report about our daily activities. We pretty much just hang out at home and that's it. I think our life has become rather boring to write about. Well, here are a handful of pictures from Russia and our first few days home.

I am really looking forward to everyone getting to meet the twins. Thank you all for giving us the time to settle in. We are finally getting adjusted to the time difference and getting settled into a routine.




  1. Welcome home!! Glad you made it safe and sound!:)

  2. Love the pics! I bet Kinsley is enjoying having playmates!! ;)