Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Waiting Day 9 - Airports

Not much to report today. We successfully made it to the airport and onto our first flight which went to Moscow. We arrived in Moscow and met up with Kathy. At 10pm we boarded a bus to our flight to Kemerovo. Clearly this airport experience was going to be too easy. As we go to get off the bus and onto the plane, they close the doors and tell us all something in Russian. After we sit/stand there in the bus for a while, we notice that the few lucky people who did make it onto the plane are now more unlucky than us and are dragging their stuff back off the plane. Once everyone is on the bus we head back to the terminal. We eventually learn that we are delayed due to weather. So after the "pretend boarding" we are back in the airport waiting. Hopefully we will be boarding sometime tonight!!! We are all very tired.

- Lindsey

Location:St Petersburg & Moscow, Russia

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