Friday, April 8, 2011

Waiting Day 3 - The Hermitage

Mom and I headed to the Hermitage Museum today. The museum was actually the palace of Peter the Great and later on Catherine the Great. Catherine had the small Hermitage built to hold her art collection. Present day, the entire palace is used as a museum. It was gigantic and had more art than any human could possibly look at. They say that it takes 11 days if you actually look at everything in the museum. It was very interesting and we saw many beautiful pieces. I also enjoyed looking at the palace rooms. Only a few were actually retained as rooms, rather than art displays, but they were very beautiful. We spent most of the day there.

For dinner we found a little Russian restaurant that was set-up to feel like you were eating in a little cabin on the Russian countryside. The food was great and we are stuffed.

We are now back in the room and ready to go to bed. All this walking is wearing me out. Now I understand why Russian women are all so skinny!

Thank you all for your congratulations on my court decision and for your condolences about my dog. It is all very appreciated. I am attempting to figure out how to reply back to comments but until then I can at least reply this way. Kathy - email me if you get a chance (your email address is on other computer).

Talk to everyone tomorrow!

- Lindsey

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  1. So happy you are enjoying my favorite city in Russia while waiting for the girls! :) And the restaurant (Kalinka Malinka on the sign), my favorite folk song too. So happy for you!