Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pre-Court Orphanage Visit

We are here in the Azot Hotel enjoying the fact that we finally have a free day. Yesterday we arrived here around 7am. We thought that we would head straight to the baby home but luckily did not. We ended up getting to settle into the hotel, shower, and sleep a little bit before going to see the babies.

Around 12pm we headed to the baby house. It is a three hour drive and felt like it took forever. On the way there, we exchanged some money which was kind of interesting. We pull over, car door opens, man jumps in, exchanges our money, then back out the door he goes. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture - sorry! Everyone except Amanda stayed awake for the trip over there and just chit chatted and looked out the window. I think we were all pretty excited to see the babies again. We finally arrived and were told to wait in the main hall area.

Several caretakers came by to see Amanda and she got to go on her own private tour. Boo... we thought we all got to go but they didn't even let Kathy go with her.

First they brought Kathy's little girl to her and then a few minutes later the twins arrived. They were all smiles and seemed happy to see their Mom and Nana. I am pretty sure that they remembered us both. We headed to the music room to play and play. They have grown a ton! Their unorganized mother totally forgot to bring the shoes and outfits that they will use next week for them to try on. I hope they still fit. Their hair is much fuller and Addie's was even kind of long. I think it has gotten darker too. They are speaking in full sentences now - of course still in Russian. At one point Addie asked the interpreter, "If you don't mind, do you think it would be possible for me to sit in the window". Mom and I were rolling and even the interpreter was surprised by her choice of words and long sentences. They are both still VERY active. They found some puppets in the music room and kept making them "talk". They got Mr. Wolf and made mean faces and growling sounds. So cute!!! We were there for 1 1/2 hours but it felt like barely 30 minutes. I can't wait to go back to pick them up. We were all tired on the way home. Me and Amanda ended up crashing in the middle seat and I think that everyone else slept at least some portion of the trip (we slept the whole way).

It was nearly 8pm before we arrived home so everyone was really hungry. First we headed to a restaurant around the corner but they had already closed. So we ventured to a restaurant down the street that was set-up like a library. Unfortunately, no English menu. Thank goodness for the waitress who spoke a few English words and was able to help us order. We had a great time and the food was very good.

After eating, it was off to find a grocery store still opened at 11pm. We finally found one (with help from the waitress) and were able to get some water and milk (unfortunately I got buttermilk instead of plain milk - yuck). I crashed as soon as we got back. Mom apparently stayed up for several more hours organizing. We got up this morning for breakfast at 9am and plan to take it easy all day. Court tomorrow - wish me luck!!



  1. Thanks for writing. Just like living it all over again! Glad to hear that the girls are well and so vocal.

  2. Good luck in court tomorrow! :)
    I can't wait to see pics of your little ones!
    Have a great time!